Wildlife Prints
Totally Exclusive. 

By Mike Atkinson 
Original Painting To Be Sold With World Copyrights.


This is a genuine one-time opportunity, as I am selling the remaining, original wildlife paintings on which I based my successful and exclusive calendar business in the U. K., between 1982 and 1991. Now retired, I have decided against restarting it here in the U.S.

You may simply wish to frame them for your own personal pleasure or, consider using them as a business opportunity, with which to start your own publishing business.

Bye the way, the word "Ecology" is a great selling point for businesses, nowadays.

Important. The inclusion of 'world copyrights' in this original art sale is most unusual. Original art is rarely sold with copyright, as this gives full power of reproduction in all forms to the purchaser.

You could use this to create calendars using one image per calendar. You can use it to publish postcards, prints, or posters up to whatever size you desire. You could then frame print/posters yourself, or sell them to frame shops. You could sell, or rent, the framed and matted prints to companies for their lobbies, or offices.

To start you off, I shall include a good selection of actual wildlife prints from the stocks I have here, for you, plus at least one of my bird, or animal calendars, to give you some idea of just what can be achieved using these paintings.

Take a look at one of my actual animal calendars, which may be seen on my website at raygc1(dot)co m/Wildlife. Please use the contact facilities at that site if you have any problem getting in touch. I shall answer, openly and honestly, whatever questions you put to me. In addition, though retired, I would assist you, with suggestions, in any way I was able, to help you start your business.

The artists, whom I personally commissioned, were experts in their field and, before they even took up a brush, spent hours of intensive research into their subject matter. Then, as you can readily see, after many more hours of painstaking work involving infinite detail, the final paintings emerge. Paintings in which you can see almost every hair or feather, sense the very atmosphere. In fact paintings that you can live with, for years. Some artists, particularly Mike Atkison, even used the border of the original painting as a mixing pallette.

Remember, these were 'working originals', from which the color separations were taken. They might show signs of damage, tape, etc, outside the essential areas. These would naturally normally be covered by rag matting and therefore invisible after framing.

To recap. You could use them for:

* Your own home, den or office, for your own pleasure, or as a business investment.
* Print postcards.
* Produce Prints of any size. Frame them, or sell to frame shops/art galleries, for example.
* Produce posters
* Frame the prints and sell, or rent them to business companies, for grouping in their lobbies and employee's offices.
* Produce prints. Have these made into one page calendars with a date pad at the bottom. Use the center area (between the wildlife study and the calendar pad), with company, or personal details. Sell anywhere, even on Ebay?

Above are just a few ideas. Others are limited only by your own imagination.

The price of each of these beautiful and valuable paintings is a very low $275 plus $15.00 Priority Mail, for the whole package, within the U.S. Total $290.00.  Far below what I paid all those years ago and almost never offered with valuable world copyrights.

Stop Press!
Just a little extra surprise for my friends who have managed to find this web site and purchase through the button below. I've taken an extra $10.00 off the price for you, bringing it down to $265.00 plus shipping. Total $280.00.

Second Stop Press!
To any purchaser of this original painting, I shall give, free and post free, in the U.S., a set of my twelve, exclusive and beautiful, full color wildlife prints. These are in the form of a bound calendar and have a thirteenth black white copy of the Iberian Wolf print, as a cover.

The essential image area of each painting is approximately 12.25 inches by 11 inches (31 cms by 28 cms).

Thank you for looking,

Ray Cunningham
Sovereign Art Company, Inc.
raygc(at)pipeline.c o m.